Kentucky Bourbon Festival 2013

Kentucky Bourbon Festival is this week, will YOU be there? Watch videos here.

Wild Turkey’s Jimmy Russell and American Honey Girl Interivew

× talks with Willd Turkey Master Distiller Jimmy Russell  and American Honey Girl Haley at Great Kentucky Tasting and Gala at Kentucky Bourbon Festival, They are pouring their finest Wild Turkey Bourbons including American Honey, Wild Turkey 101, Wild Turkey 81, Wild Turkey American Spirit, and Russell’s Reserve as the bottles are displayed proudly on… Read more »

The “Frozen” Four Roses Bourbon Vintage Advertisement Comes to Life

× Four Roses Master Distiler Jim Rutledge tells‘s Tom Fischer about the “Frozen Four Roses” advertisement that appeared in magazines over 50 years ago. At this Great Kentucky Tasting and Gala at Kentucky Bourbon Festival, 4 red roses were frozen in a block of ice and displayed on the tasting bar to symbolize the… Read more »

Blanton’s, The Original Single Barrel Bourbon

× Why are YOU a Blanton’s Bourbon fan? So many good reasons, so tell us below on this link. Then.. check out this video‘s Tom Fischer speaks with John Shutt and Mixologist Gary Gruver. Blanton’s Original Single Barrel Bourbon is perfect enjoyed neat and makes a killer cocktail. Filmed at the Kentucky Bourbon Festival‘s… Read more »

Old Forester Birthday Bourbon 2012 and interview with Chris Morris

× Among the first opportunties that Brown-Form gives the public to taste their annual release of the new Old Forester Birthday Bourbon is typically at The Great Kentucky Bourbon Tasting at Kentucky Bourbon Festival. In the video segment above,‘s Tom Fischer tastes the new 2012 expression of Old Forester Birthday Bourbon with Brown-Forman Master… Read more »

Four Roses Private Barrel Selection with Seven Grand, Los Angeles

× Watch the video segment above as‘s Tom Fischer joins friends from Seven Grand, Los Angeles to select a private barrel with Master Distiller Jim Rutledge. In this Private Barrel Selection  program, we taste all 10 unique recipes of Four Roses at barrel strength as we start our day around 11 am Thursday morning. Seven… Read more »

Ben Barger Olympic Sailor in the Bourbon World

× U.S.A. Olympic Sailor Ben Barger joins Four Roses Bourbon during Kentucky Bourbon Festival 2012 to try his hand at sailing through the world of Bourbon! You’ve probably seen Ben on TV as he is a professional athlete, 7 time National Champion, winner of 3 World Cup Medals, and  an alternate in the 2012 London Olympics…. Read more »

Let’s Talk Bourbon With Four Roses 2012

× joins Four Roses and 300 of their friends for the “Let’s Talk Bourbon” event at Kentucky Bourbon Festival 2012 This is the 21st year of the Kentucky Bourbon Festival, and the 20th year of “Let’s Talk Bourbon.” This weeks also marks the opening of the new Four Roses Visitor Center. We speak with… Read more »

Four Roses New Visitor Center Opens

×‘s Tom Fischer joins Four Roses Bourbon as the new 5,000-square-foot visitor center and gift shop opens in the video above! This is part of a $2.4 million expansion of the distillery property, which has seen significant gains in tourist visits in recent years.  Since 2004, visitors to the Four Roses Distillery have increased at approximately 35 percent each year and by… Read more »