Bourbon Bacon Brownies

Sometimes at, recipe creations catch our eyes, tastebuds and hearts simultaneously. Made with dark chocolate, crumbled bacon and a splash of bourbon, these Bourbon Bacon Brownies mean business. They render such a strong medley of flavors in your mouth, you’ll wonder if you’re eating a brownie, a handful of bacon or a shot of… Read more »

Maker’s Mark Bourbon Chocolate Bread Pudding for Your Valentine

Bill Samuels, Jr. of Maker’s Mark Bourbon says that while he knows we are all trying to stick to those New Year’s resolutions, he still wanted to share with this recipe for Bourbon Chocolate Bread pudding for Valentine’s Day. Bourbon Chocolate Bread Pudding 2 cups whole milk 4 eggs 1/3 cup Maker’s Mark Bourbon… Read more »

Campari-Macerated Treefruits and Berries with Yoghurt

I’ve done this recipe, by request, a couple times since that evening. For many a heavy confection-laden dessert is not what they have in mind. Just some berries in a glass will do well, thank you. Pair that with a nice porto and the diners and I are happy children. Combine diced treefruits such as… Read more »

Bourbon Sugar Brûléed Wild Salmon

Sweet and savory. Hard and soft. This dish revels in juxtaposition. Candied fish? With Bourbon? Yes- it works! For the rub: 1 part bourbon of choice (We used Woodford Reserve) 2 parts sugar Mix both well, spread out over a baking sheet, and allow to crystallize – exposed. Take this mixture and cover: 4-6 oz… Read more »

Aquavit Baby Artichokes

Sooner or later, I have to set something on fire! Here I pair the softer flavor of baby artichoke with the back-nuance of caraway-laced Linne Aquavit. Aggressive in approach, after the flambe’ the dish balances out quite well. ¼ pound butter, cut into slices 8 baby artichokes, cleaned of excess leaves- stem on ½ cup… Read more »

To Build a Vinaigrette

This recipe is a raw utilization of a spirit. The rhubarb infusion is unexpected in that is doesn’t drink sour, like the raw product tastes. Instead, like a gin, it has a vegetal profile. Go figure. Here we build a vinaigrette, so you will not see exact proportions, instead I will explain the concepts behind… Read more »

Bourbon Escargot

In this recipe, I use just a slight amount of bourbon to affect the nuance. Normally, when spirits are cooked with, they are flamed in order to reduce alcohol prevalence. Here I adjust the proportions so that they provide that same nuance without the prevalence (and flammability). By the way, I found some excellent petite… Read more »

“Big Red” Onions Recipe

Kentuckians like Texans and vice versa. Perhaps it’s because we gave them Daniel Boone at the Alamo, or that they gave us chili (the average Kentuckian’s favorite [it’s not Kentucky burgoo] meal.) I’d honestly bet that it’s because we share the same soda- Big Red. This stuff has traditionally been released to select states, yet… Read more »

Seasonality: The Gazpacho Cocktail

Like chefs, bartenders design cocktails based upon a variety of different criteria. At the top of this wide and variant list is the question of the season. Indeed, whether the mixologist knows it consciously or not, I believe that we all ‘get in the mood, and that this mood compels us, instinctively, to follow the… Read more »