As the winter months continue, brings you some sweet Maker’s Mark recipes below for the holidays that will give you that Christmas feeling all year long. What is YOUR favorite way to drink and/or use Maker’s Mark in recipes during the holidays? Tell us below on this link. Recently, Maker’s Mark had their annual Candlelight Tours… Read more »

Drambuie Christmas Cocktails

A few Drambuie Christmas cocktails from mixologist Anthony Caporale! Happy holidays from! Drambuie 15 Flaming Scotch Mocha In a footed coffee mug, add: 1 tbsp. Cocoa 6 oz. Hot Coffee -Stir until cocoa is completely dissolved, add. 1-1/2 oz. DRAMBUIE® 15 Scotch Liqueur With a culinary torch, flame: -3 mini-marshmallows on a short wooden skewer -Extinguish… Read more »

End of the World Cocktails to Celebrate The Mayan Apocalypse

If you’re going to end the world, suggests doing it the right way and celebrating with some cocktails themed to be as tasty today as they may be tomorrow..that is, if we are around to tate them! By the way, thanks for visiting because your last drink may be this virtual taste. No… Read more »

A Long Winter’s Nap

If you’re just settling down for a long winter’s nap, suggests a cocktail that may give you sweet, lucid dreams. Tasty seasonal flavors fit along with Lucid Absinthe are fit for any Mr. or Mrs. Claus. Enjoy your holiday season responsibly!       A Long Winter’s Nap Recipe In a mixing glass, muddle 3… Read more »

Cocktails to Put You in the Holiday Spirit

Need a few warming refreshments fit for Santa’s day off from riding the reindeer through the sky? has some below for ya.. Because unlike Santa, you can start enjoying these cocktails now during the holidays because you won’t be flying any reindeer come Christmas night, will you? Check out our complete holiday coverage and… Read more »

Negroski Cocktail

We’re fans of the Negroni at and we recommend this Negroni variation   Negroski   3.5 oz. Broken Shed Vodka 1 oz. Campari 1/3 oz. sugar 2/3 oz. Ruby Port or Spiced Otago Pinot Stirred up 10 seconds (this will give best chill with least dilution) Serve up in Martini or down on the rocks Garnish… Read more »

Early Times Holiday Cocktails is giving you a few ideas to warm up the holiday cheer. The cocktails below are made with both Early Times Kentucky Whisky and the Early Times Fire Eater and can be savored now and throughout the winter season.         Early Times Holiday Cooler 1 oz. Early Times Fire Eater 1 oz…. Read more »

Chocolate Old-Fashioned

At, we all agree that it would be difficult to refuse a hand-crafted Old-Fashioned cocktail. At the same time, who could resist chocolate? With the skill and art of Chef/Mixolgoist Stephen Dennison, now you have them both in one drink. A higher proof Bourbon like Old Forester Signature balances beautifully with Tempus Fugit Crème de… Read more »

Black Friday / Cyber Monday Cocktail from Old Forester Bourbon

With Black Friday today and Cyber Monday coming  Old Forester, America’s First Bottled Bourbon, tell they have created the “Official Cocktail of Black Friday.” Were  YOU the FIRST shopper out this morning for lack Friday sales? Tell us your thoughts on Black Friday on this link under comments and  then pour yourself the cocktail below. Delicious all the way… Read more »

Thanksgiving Cocktail Recipes with Wild Turkey Bourbon brings you Thanksgiving Day cocktail recipes from some of the top mixologists and sommeliers using Wild Turkey Bourbon! For more holiday cocktails and stories, we invite you to subscribe to our mailing list here . Kentucky Pilgrim Created by Mixologist H. Joseph Ehrmann 1.5 oz. Wild Turkey Thanksgiving Infusion* 1 oz. lemon juice .5 oz. Maraschino… Read more »