Jimmy Russell, Master Distiller of Wild Turkey Bourbon has over 56 years in the Bourbon industry. The julep has been the classic beverage of the Kentucky Derby for nearly a century. The higher proof of Wild Turkey 101 produces a richer, deeper and fuller taste, making it a bigger, better tasting mint julep. With 56… Read more »

Derby Party Strawberry Lavender Punch

For Kentuckians, the first Saturday in May is a celebration not only of horses, but of identity. Gatherings of ‘kith and kin’ form across the state and we are reminded of our land, heritage and yes, our bourbon. The recognized drink of the day is the mint julep, which in itself traditionally used the first… Read more »

elBulli Creative Approach Cocktail Creation Session with Blue Corn Vodka by Don Quixote

BourbonBlog.com Mixologist Stephen Dennison and Tom Fischer use the elBulli creative approach in a cocktail experimentation session to make “Greyhound on Steroids” using the world’s only Blue Corn Vodka in the video episode below. Stephen uses a special ice garnish, making the drink progressive. Part One and to be continued. × Filmed at Varanese Restaurant,… Read more »

Whiskey Kitchen, Nashville, Tennessee

Whiskey Kitchen in Nashville, Tennessee. Whiskey list and creations below, for more info visit www.whiskeykitchen.com 118 12th Ave S Nashville, Tennessee 37203 (615) 254-3029 Whiskey Concoctions New-Fashioned  7.50 WK’s spin on an “Old” favorite … Old Forester Bourbon with apples and cinnamon Maple Manhattan  8.50 Four Roses Bourbon with maple syrup for our unique and… Read more »

Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon Review and Video

During the winter ice storm, February 2009, the BourbonBlog.com team was without power in our headquarters in Louisville. But we had a bottle of this, on the rocks, literally as in we could see our breath… Bourbon: Four Roses Small Batch Distillery: Four Roses, Lawrenceburg, Kentucky Age: “The target age for our Small Batch is… Read more »

Mint Julep Creations Video Episode from the Four Roses Julep Contest 2010

BourbonBlog.com’s 2010 Four Roses Julep Contest Video episode. Watch the Kentucky Derby Mint Julep created with Four Roses Bourbon by ten Louisville bartenders and mixologists, including the winning recipes featured below. × RECIPE LINKS: 1st Place Winner-  Cherry Blossom Julep Recipe by Rory McCollister of Varanese 2nd Place – The Perfect Finish Recipe by Aaron Price,… Read more »

Julep Down Under by Jenni Pittman, Proof on Main, 21c, Louisville

Proof on Main’s Jenni Pittman won 3rd Place for this Julep Down Under Recipe in the 2010 Four Roses Julep Contest. Here is the recipe… Julep Down Under by Jenni Pittman, Proof on Main, 21c, Louisville, Kentucky Ingredients: 1.5 oz mango puree (combine flesh of 2 mango & 1/2 cup fresh brewed tea in blender,… Read more »

Zaya Rum Review

Comment: Moving operations from Guatemala to Trinidad in recent years (and enduring the obvious supply issues associated,) Zaya now seems to be back online and producing this fine aged and blended rum with surprisingly few hitches. Distiller: Zaya Rum Company, Trinidad Age: 12 years Proof: 40% ABV, 80 Proof Notes: This is a blended rum… Read more »

Kilo Kai Iced Coffee

As the temperatures get warmer, people begin thinking less about steaming-hot cups of coffee and start looking to iced-coffees. This is a nice variation on the king of the class… Vietnamese Coffee. Enjoyed as the daily pick-me-up beverage of choice in this tropical zone, we could think of no better way to incorporate the flavors… Read more »

Bubble Tea Expression

In Southeast Asia, people commonly enjoy a beverage called ‘bubble tea.’ It is a variety of juices, teas and extracts to which sweetened, cooked tapioca pearls are added. The drink is enjoyed with a larger-than-life straw, through which the pearls might pass. At BourbonBlog.com, we have decided to use this as the inspiration for our… Read more »