This is the winner of 2nd place recipe in the 2010 Four Roses Julep Contest. “The Perfect Finish” by Aaron Price of Maker’s Mark Lounge Ingredients: 1 1/2 oz Four Roses Small Batch 3/4 oz Amaretto Disaronno Angostura Bitters Simple Syrup Orange Juice Orange Slice Mint Instructions: Place an orange slice in the bottom of… Read more »

Cherry Blossom Julep by Roy McCollister of Varanese Restaurant, Louisville

Rory McCollister’s “Cherry Blossom Julep” This is the 1st place winning recipe in the 2010 Four Roses Julep Contest. Ingredients: · 1 1/2 oz Four Roses Single Barrel Bourbon · 1 1/2 oz Dried Cherry Lemon Zest Gastrique · Fresh Mint · 2 oz Tamarind Soda · 2 oz Ginger Ale To make the Gastrique:… Read more »

Four Roses Julep Contest Winners and Recipes for 2010‘s Tom Fischer was a judge in the recent Four Roses Julep Contest which is held annually in weeks prior to the Kentucky Derby. Varanese’s Rory McCollister won 1st with his Cherry Blossom Julep  (recipe below and photo above), making it Rory’s second year in a row to win and the third time Varanese has… Read more »

Bourbon Barrel Smoked Pork, using retired Maker’s Mark Barrels

Smoking with retired Maker’s Mark Bourbon Barrel tops and bungs adding flavor and depth on the grill at Varanese Restaurant in Louisville, Kentucky. Chef and Proprietor John Varanese shows us how in this video episode. The BBQ rub and the caramelizing sugars…mmmm watch. Special thanks Chef John Varanese, Dave Allen, Stephen Dennison and Cinephreak Pictures

Firefly Sweet Tea Bourbon Review

Having my first taste of the new Firefly Sweet Tea Bourbon from the makers of the Firefly Vodka and I’m giving you all the review below. A lively, fun flavor for a Spring and Summer sipper. I like what they’ve done here. Firefly Distillery Co-Founder Scott Newitt told me during our interview earlier in the… Read more »

The Woodford Reserve $1,000 Mint Julep with Tiffany & Co. to benefit The Barnstable Brown Kentucky Diabetes & Obesity Center

Woodford Reserve Bourbon tells will celebrate the glamour and glitz of the Kentucky Derby with the Ultimate Kentucky Derby Luxury: the world’s most exclusive mint julep cup. The Woodford Reserve $1,000 Mint Julep Cup Experience will feature a collection of 73 silver cups designed by Tiffany & Co. exclusively for Woodford Reserve. Proceeds from… Read more »

Early Times Kentucky Whisky Limited Edition Bottle for 150th Anniversary at 100 Proof

Early Times Kentucky Whisky tells that they have just released a one-time, limited release expression celebrating their 150 anniversary in a 375ml commemorative bottle seen to the left. The Early Times 150th anniversary edition is bottled at 100 proof and carry an Early Times retro 1920’s label. Early Times is usually bottled at 80… Read more »

Wathen’s Single Barrel Bourbon Review

I’ve been a fan of Wathen’s Bourbon for quite some time, so I decided to review one that I love… Bourbon: Wathen’s Single Barrel Bourbon Distillery: Charles Medley Distillery, Owensboro, Kentucky Age: 8 years, label reads Barrel Number 789 and Hand Bottled on 12/9/08 Proof: 47% ABV;  94%  proof Notes: For 250 years and eight… Read more »

Don Quixote Pisqo Review reviews New Mexico’s Don Quixote Pisqo. This American craft distillery has caught our attention recently as we interviewed Master Distiller Olha Dolin on this podcast interview. In the video below,‘s Tom Fischer and Stephen Dennison share thoughts and tasting notes on this delicious Pisqo. × Don Quixote Pisqo Review Notes Flavor of sugar… Read more »

Chocolate Old-Fashioned Cocktail Recipe Demonstrated

Think of the classic Kentucky Bourbon Ball candy meeting chocolate covered fruit. Watch the video here and below as the classic Old-Fashioned cocktail is blended with a touch of dessert flavor and adds new depth to the drink in this new creation by Chocolate Old-Fashioned Cocktail Recipe by For a lighter chocolate flavor… Read more »