Barnstable Brown Gala 2010 Red Carpet interviews in the video below with Jerry O’Connell, Rebecca Romijn, super model Marisa Miller, Salt-N-Pepa and more! The Barnstable Brown Gala benefits the Barnstable Brown Kentucky Diabetes and Obesity Center at the University of Kentucky. Featured in this video: Jerry O’Connell, Rebecca Romijn, super model Marisa Miller, Ashley Simpson,… Read more »

Maker’s Mark Bourbon Red, White and Blue Triple Pack

Makers Mark Bourbon tells they are celebrating our nation’s Birthday PLUS honoring United States service men and women with a limited edition RED WHITE AND BLUE Triple pack. The company’s trademark red sealing wax is joined by patriotic blue and white in this first time edition. The Red, White, and Blue Triple Pack is… Read more »

John Calipari interview about John Calipari Maker’s Mark Limited Edition Bottle interviews University of Kentucky Basketball Coach John Calipari about the John Calipari Maker’s Mark Limited Edition Bottles that were sold to raise proceeds for both UK Symphony Orchestra/UK School of Music’s program  bringing music to Kentucky public schools AND the Calipari Family Foundation for Children (CFFC). × Interview filmed at the 2010 Barnstable Brown… Read more »

Varanese Restaurant, Louisville, Kentucky

Varanese Restaurant is an eclectic Mediterranean style restaurant in the Historic Clifton neighborhood in Louisville, Kentucky opened by Chef John Varanese in 2007. Fresh ingredients, prepared with a creative flair and a culturally diverse menu and a Varanese’s eclectic menu boasts an array of options from stuffed grape leaves, and fried green tomato salad, to… Read more »

Maker’s 46 only months away from release, speaks with Master Distiller Kevin Smith, just spoke with Maker’s Mark Master Distiller Kevin Smith as he was thieving some Maker’s 46 from the barrels where the finishing process occurs. Kevin Smiths tells us that now after 7 weeks of the finishing process, the whiskey is tasting just as it should be. “It’s that nose which develops first on Maker’s… Read more »

Tres Leches Triple Cream Liqueur – Let’s Talk Finish

I was prepared to run the commonly-trod ground of the tasting (nose, taste, finish.) I was absolutely ready to do the necessary research, phone calls and back-work that lay the grounds for a great review. Then I tasted this product- Tres Leches Triple Cream Liqueur. I was struck not only by its textural and flavor… Read more »

Bacon Bourbon Caramel Corn

What was once an underground trend that had the shock value of, “Did he just say he put some bacon in that Bourbon whiskey?” has now found it’s way to Bacon Bourbon Caramel Corn by Salted Caramel of Chicago. The Bourbon whiskey intensifies the richness of the caramel, and balances the saltiness of the bacon… Read more »

Julep Ball Pre-Derby Eve

Gracious Hospitality and Gonzo Journalism at the Galt House Kentucky Derby Eve and  half of the team at the Barnstable-Brown Gala on their way while and the other half split to cover the Julep Ball at the Galt House Ballroom. We couldn’t have been  more happy with the turnout and the vibrancy of the… Read more »

Tuthilltown Spirits New York Whiskey Review

Whiskey: New York Whiskey Distillery: Tuthilltown Spirits, Gardiner, New York Proof: 46% ABV;  92 proof Age: Aged under 4 years in American Oak Notes: This is Tuthilltown’s version of sour mash, combining the best of every batch in a given week into a single mash. Each batch of New York Whiskey is a totally different… Read more »

Smackin-Cracklin Bacon brings you what could be the best bacon you’ll ever eat…simply add a little Rum to your morning! Here’s our  own recipe for “Smackin-Cracklin Bacon” below. For more lip smackin’ recipes using spirits like Rum and Bourbon to make your favorite dishes even better , subscribe to our free Bourbon newsletter here.  Smackin-Cracklin Bacon Recipe… Read more »