World-renowned chef, bestselling author and Emmy winning television host Anthony Bourdain will host a new show next year on CNN. Launching in early 2013, the show will be shot on location and examine cultures from around the world through their food and dining and travel rituals. Slated to air domestically on Sundays in prime time… Read more »

Memorial Day Cocktails: Drinking Your Fruits and Vegetables

At, we enjoy themed cocktails for holidays and the creations below might be more refreshing to drink than to eat for Memorial Day. If you want some bourbon and whiskey inspired recipes to grill out and cook with, check out our food recipe section here. As always, have a safe and fun Memorial Day… Read more »

Jim Beam 1795

Beam Inc. tells, in collaboration with Maxxium Travel Retail, is to launch the ultra-premium Jim Beam 1795 at Frankfurt Airport in June. The product will initially be available exclusively at the Heinemann Duty Free store in Frankfurt’s T1B Schengen lounge. Jim Beam 1795 celebrates the origins of the Jim Beam distillery, linking it with… Read more »

James Bond will Drink a Heineken vs. Martini in “Skyfall,” what do YOU think?

At, we want to know what YOU think of James Bond reportedly forgoing his vodka martini for Heineken beer in the new film “Skyfall?” Tell us by responding here ! Should it be a Heineken or would you have picked another beer for Bond? We wamt to know. According to TMZ, Daniel Craig appearing as… Read more »

Maker’s 46 Blue and White Bottle

Maker’s Mark Bourbon tells that they have just released the new Maker’s 46 Blue and White bottle. This limited edition bottling of only around 9,000 can be found in Kentucky and surrounding states for now.  While Maker’s calls it the “Maker’s 46 Blue and White bottle,” University of Kentucky Wildcast fans have embraced this… Read more »

MB Roland Distillery Moonshines and Bourbon

Press play to stream the podcast takes you to Pembroke, Kentucky interviewing MB Roland Distillery’s founder and head distiller Paul Tomaszewski in the podcast above. These moonshines go places that few dare to go while their whiskeys impress us considering the short period of time small craft distillery has been at it. Our reviews… Read more »

Tim Smith from Moonshiners, Discovery Channel interviewed by

Click Below to Stream Interview with Tim Smith Moonshiner Tim Smith interviewed by‘s Tom Fischer who takes us behind the scenes of the Discovery Channel show Moonshiners, listen this a podcast radio interview above. For the latest on Moonshiners Season 2 and news on Tim Smith, subscribe to our mailing list here and we will send you the… Read more »

Barnstable Brown Gala Video Episode

Barnstable Brown Gala 2010 Red Carpet interviews in the video below with Jerry O’Connell, Rebecca Romijn, super model Marisa Miller, Salt-N-Pepa and more! The Barnstable Brown Gala benefits the Barnstable Brown Kentucky Diabetes and Obesity Center at the University of Kentucky. Featured in this video: Jerry O’Connell, Rebecca Romijn, super model Marisa Miller, Ashley Simpson,… Read more »

Dennis Rodman DJing at Derby Pretty Party Video Episode joins Dennis Rodman as he DJs a live set along with Vic Latino at the Frazier International History Museum in Louisville, Kentucky. This was one of the hottest Derby-Eve parties we have ever attended. We also partied with professional poker players Phil Hellmuth and Robert Williamson III here. Special thanks to Cinephreak Pictures, Kristy… Read more »