At, we venture into vodka and clear spirits to give our palettes a chance to explore the expression of clear and the clean grain vs. the expression of oak and depth. Spring44 is a perfect example of where the selection of water used in distilling spirits matters. The Spring44 Vodka, Honey Vodka and Gin… Read more »

Hellfire with Sailor Jerry Rum

With Sailor Jerry being the iconic Americana spiced rum which celebrates the late tattoo artist Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins, here is a version of the Hellfire cocktail that celebrates Independence Day and a great rum! Hellfire 1 part Sailor Jerry Rum 2 dashes Tabasco sauce ¼ of a fresh lime 1 part ginger beer Pilsner… Read more »

4th of July Cocktails, what is YOUR pick?

While all the Bourbon we’re drinking is American, we want to know what do YOU think the most patriotic Bourbon is? Post your answer at the bottom under comments, help us start a great American Bourbon debate! While you’re thinking on that question, below are a few 4th of July themed and “all American” patriotic… Read more »