× We escape from Kentucky to get high with our Bourbon friends from the “The World’s Highest Distillery” which is in Breckenridge, Colorado (at 9600 feet above sea level). Fortunately for us, they have Bourbon whiskey. Again fortunately, they’re in New Orleans this week for Tales of the Cocktail 2011. BourbonBlog.com‘s Tom Fischer joins friends… Read more »

Parker’s Heritage Cognac Finish Bourbon

BourbonBlog.com‘s Tom Fischer was among the first to sample the forthcoming the new Parker’s Heritage Cognac Finished Bourbon at Tales of the Cocktail 2011 Heaven Hill Tasting Room this week as he joined Master Distiller Parker Beam for a taste along with Alain Royer, Master Blender of Cognac from France who as in New Orleans… Read more »

Four Roses Bourbon Leads to Victory!

× BourbonBlog.com joins Four Roses Bourbon on the Belle of Louisville for the Great Steamboat Race 2011, as we ride to a victory against  the Belle of Cincinnati. See why drinking Four Roses leads to a smooth and mellow victory no matter what ship you’re sailing or racing. On this trip we also learn more the delicious flavor… Read more »

Woodford Reserve Salad Dressing

Let’s face it: Salad dressing is intended to give salad flavor. Otherwise, it would taste like what? Surely just one time you’d rather your salad taste like Blue Cheese than Bourbon, right? Woodford Reserve Bourbon has created its first-ever bottled salad dressing called Woodford Reserve Sorghum Vinaigrette Dressing. The delectable dressing was developed at The… Read more »

Carlos Santana and Casa Noble Tequila

Jose Hermosillo, Chairman and CEO, Casa Noble Tequila contacts BourbonBlog.com this morning from Mexico to share that music icon Carlos Santana has joined the Board and is now one of the owners of the brand. This new organizational change will allow Santana to be involved in the continued development of the brand which is already… Read more »

Olmeca Altos Tequila Review

If you’re in Denver or Chicago, be glad you’re reading this. For everyone else, it may be coming your way as the offering expands into your markets or as you order some…it is worth searching for online. Olmeca Altos Plata and Reposado Tequilas are both distinct 100% Blue Agave Tequilas from the celebrated Los Altos region… Read more »

Jack Daniel’s Honey Review

The new Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey has been out for a few months and we decided it was time to review Jack Daniels Honey here on BourbonBlog.com. Generally, Jack is a whiskey which strikes the best and worst chords in drinkers…some love it, some don’t. Mingling and infusing flavors with whiskey seems to solicit the… Read more »

Summer Bourbon Tasting at Southern Hospitality, New York

Southern Hospitality in Hell’s Kitchen, New York, lived up to its name during the Summer Bourbon Tasting event. Entering this purposefully rustic joint, we were greeted cordially and directed from the bustling upstairs eatery to the dark, slightly more modern basement. Hundreds of bourbon glasses were pre-poured, and we found our way to one of… Read more »

Michter’s Distillery Will Open New Production Distillery in Downtown Louisville

Is that trail of Bourbon continuing to make it’s way outside those current boundaries? First came the new Louisville Distilling Company, which is currently looking to actually to distill their Bourbon from Louisville. Now, Michter’s announces this week that the company will open a new small production distillery in downtown Louisville, Kentucky. Micther’s is a… Read more »

ŻU Vodka Review

Traveling back in time through flavor has never caused our time machine to graze blades of grass as we drink. But here we go… Zubrówka (pronounced “zu-broov-ka”), or bison grass vodka, was produced in the North East region of Poland as far back as the 14th Century, and was considered a specialty for the local… Read more »