’s Tom Fischer visits Normandy, France to taste Calvados.

We learn why this French apple brandy is increasing in global popularity.

Calvados is seeing a resurgence both as an apéritif and a digestif while continuing to enjoy an even greater spotlight in mixology.

Chef Michael Symon Cooking with Knob Creek Bourbon

Selecting the right cut of meat is a lot like picking the right Bourbon, says celebrtiy Chef Michael Symon.

We haven’t heard this comparison at, but it makes sense as this Iron Chef describes the nose, mouthfeel, and color in the video.

Lamb and Clams at The Beard House

Recently, NYC Correspondent Matt Capucilli was invited to a special Lambs & Clams dinner at The Beard House in Manhattan. He brings us his review below along with the evening’s menu

Knob Creek Smoked Maple Bourbon

Knob Creek Smoked Maple Bourbon will be released nationally in September 2013. is the first media outlet to report these details on the new Knob Creek Smoked Maple as Jim Beam confirms new information. “The new expression was created in honor of Knob Creek’s founder, Booker Noe, who believed in big flavors. He even ventured… Read more »

Climax Moonshine, podcast interview with Tim Smith about his new brand

CLICK ABOVE TO PLAY PODCAST Listen to our podcast above as‘s Tom Fischer is the first journalist to speak with moonshiner Tim Smith about his new Climax Moonshine  brand and the “Moonshine Revolution.” The Climax Moonshine collection will initially include Tim’s original recipe distilled from corn mash, a “Peach Lightning,” and “Grape Lightning” “I believe in real,… Read more »

Tim Smith’s Climax Moonshine

Moonshiner Tim Smith tells first that his long awaited moonshine will be available soon. As a true moonshiner, Tim has been keeping it on the down low where he has been distilling his new shine. It appears that Tim is currently making his moonshine at Limestone Branch Distillery in Lebanon, Kentucky, as shown in a… Read more »

Ole Smoky Original Moonshine Review

There are a couple reasons why continues to cover moonshine stories. First: The moonshine we like to talk about and drink is a real clear whiskey with a grain base. After some time in a barrel, much of the good stuff would make fine whiskey. Second: Growing popularity among consumers and number of moonshines… Read more »

How will Maker’s Mark Rinsing Bourbon Barrels Affect Other Products You Enjoy?

CLICK ABOVE TO PLAY PODCAST After the news of Maker’s Mark’s plan to “rinse” barrels, a.k.a. extracting every last ounce of whiskey trapped inside the wood, investigates how this decision could affect other products you enjoy from Scotch whiskey to beer.’s Tom Fischer interviews Compass Box Whisky U.S. Ambassador Robin Robinson about potential consequences on the spirit industry and… Read more »

Shooter Jennings and Barrel House Distilling’s Devil John Moonshine Barrel House Distilling  tells that country music artist Shooter Jennings has signed a partnership agreement with Barrel House Distilling Company, makers of Devil John Moonshine, and Accelerated Brands, a spirits brand development firm. The deal, which includes promotional support of Jennings’ recent ‘The Other Life’ CD and movie release, his upcoming summer Gunslinger Tour, and future development… Read more »