Award Winners List: Concours d’Vin and Concours d’Spirits Competition 2023

Spirit, bourbon, whiskey, and wine competition complete list of winners 2023 Concours d’Vin and Concours d’Spirits Competition in San Diego happening during SommCon 2023 Presented by The SOMM Journal, judged by Bourbon Expert Tom Fischer and a group of other esteemed experts domestic and international wine and spirits judges , awarding Silver, Gold, and Double Gold accolades.

Copper & Kings Distillery’s First-Ever Bourbon Whiskey Release Coming in October

Copper & Kings’ first-ever Bourbon release heralds from Louisville, Kentucky on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. This exquisite Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is a harmonious blend of 5, 10, and 15-year bourbons, presented at 111 proof with an MSRP of $65. Showcasing a marriage of classic bourbon and traditional brandy notes, this blend reflects the brand’s celebrated distilling expertise, closely monitored by Head Distiller Brandon O’Daniel.

David Coors and Mike Montgomery Talk about the Blue Run Spirits Acquisition and Coors Spirits Co.

× As a legacy beer company makes a historic move purchasing an emerging Kentucky Bourbon brand, we ask the questions you are asking, “Why is Coors getting more into the whiskey business….why now, and what is to come?” Watch above, as continues to follow the news and Bourbon expert Tom Fischer has the first… Read more »

Four Roses 35th Anniversary Limited Edition Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey for 2023

The rare Four Roses Bourbon 135th Anniversary Limited Edition Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey, limited to 15,060 bottles for 2023 and made of bourbon aging from 12, 14, 16 and 25-year-old Bourbons from Lawrenceburg, Kentuck’s Four Roses Distillery on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. Master Distiller Brent Elliott gives us tasting notes and more details bout the September 2023 release.

Maker’s Mark Cellar Aged Bourbon Whiskey: The Old Maker’s Mark Ever?

Maker’s Mark Cellar Aged Bourbon is a unique blend of 11- and 12-year-old bourbons, maturing first in traditional warehouses and then in a special limestone whisky cellar. This annual, limited release captures a taste evolution, offering depth without bitterness. Available in the U.S. in September 2023, it extends its reach to London, Munich, Tokyo, and Singapore shortly after.

Mellencamp Whiskey Co.’s Release with Hard Truth Distilling Co: Bourbon Expert Tom Fischer Talks with Master Distiller Bryan Smith

Bourbon expert Tom Fischer provides a deeper look into the unique partnership between Mellencamp Whiskey Co, co-founded by Hud Mellencamp andLevi Collison and Hard Truth Distilling Co. Fischer chats with Master Distiller Bryan Smith about the collaboration, which involves the artistic influence of John Mellencamp, has yielded an exceptional Harvest Sweet Mash Rye. This whiskey, distilled solely from Indiana grains, is a tribute to Hoosiers, rock music, and the refined art of whiskey distillation. This initiative lends significant support to Hard Truth’s ‘Grounded in Truth’ campaign for Farm Aid.

Hud Mellencamp and Mellencamp Whiskey Company to Partner with Hard Truth for Harvest Sweet Mash Rye Whiskey Release

John Mellencamp’s artwork adorns Hard Truth Distilling Co.’s Harvest Sweet Mash Rye, a collaboration with Mellencamp Whiskey Company led by his son, Hud, and Levi Collison. With Master Distiller Bryan Smith, they’ll use 100% Indiana grains, celebrating local agriculture and supporting the Nashville, Indiana distillery Hard Truth’s ‘Grounded in Truth’ initiative for Farm Aid.

The Cohiba Experience at The Ritz-Carlton Bacara, Santa Barbara: The First Cohiba Lounge in the US

The Cohiba Experience at The Ritz-Carlton Bacara in Santa Barbara, California is the first-ever US Cohiba cigar lounge of its kind. Open Wed-Sun, 6-10 p.m., this al fresco lounge showcases ocean views, hand-painted murals, a cedar-lined humidor, and curated cocktails, Bourbon whiskeys, alongside master-crafted Cohiba cigars. The lounge encapsulates the richness of Cohiba cigars and the Ritz-Carlton’s renowned luxury, offering a singular, indulgent experience.

Jefferson’s Tropics Bourbon Whiskey Aged in Humidity: Hyperaged by Heat and Humidity

Jefferson’s Tropics Aged in Humidity is a Kentucky straight bourbon, matured in Singapore’s extreme climate, which offers an unparalleled, rich taste. Created by Trey Zoeller at 52%, they say this innovative Bourbon has been “hyperaged by heat and humidity.”