New cocktail recipes and tastings of DeGroff Spirits with legendary bartender Dale DeGroff. Bourbon expert Tom Fischer tastes with Dale and chats with him about his New World Amaro and Bitter Apertivo. DeGroff Spirits were developed in partnership with Ted Breaux and Oregon’s Clear Creek Distillery. Dalet tells stories from New York’s iconic Rainbow Room and Hotel Bel-Air, plus learn about Dale’s favorite cocktails and predictions for cocktail trends in 2024.

Brooklyn Brewery and Four Roses Distillery’s Fifth Edition of Black Ops Barrel Aged Stout

Brooklyn Brewery, in collaboration with Four Roses Distillery, has announced the launch of the 2023 edition of Brooklyn Black Ops, a Russian Imperial Stout with a 12% ABV. This release marks the fifth annual collaboration between the two renowned brands. Significantly, this year also celebrates the 35th anniversary of Brooklyn Brewery’s flagship beer and the 135th anniversary of Four Roses. In recognition of these milestones, Black Ops features a refreshed design, inspired by Four Roses’ first global brand update in almost two decades.

Hosting Your Own Bourbon Tasting: Ideas from our Rare Food & Wine Festival Pappy Tasting

Hosting a bourbon tasting? Learn about Bourbon expert suggestions from our whiskey tastings as we give examples from our recent tastings at Food & Wine Festivals.

A Scotchy Bourbon? The New Scotch Cask Finish Release Bourbon Whiskey: Old Forester’s Latest in the 117 Series

Scotch vs. Bourbon, why not both? The new Old Forester’s 117 Series: Scotch Cask Finish, a limited-edition tribute to George Garvin Brown’s Scottish heritage. Available while it lasts at Old Forester Distilling Co. in Louisville Kentucky and select Kentucky stores, this 93-proof Kentucky Bourbon whiskey is matured in Speyside-sourced sherry and wine barrels.

A. Smith Bowman Cask Strength Virginia Straight Bourbon Whiskey: 2023 Release and Distillery’s Lottery

The 2023 A. Smith Bowman Distillery’s Cask Strength Virginia Straight Bourbon Whiskey is third annual release from the Fredericksburg, Virginia distillery. This is at 9 years old and 67.55% / 135.1 proof and crafted by Distiller David Bock. Uncut and non chill-filtered, you can enter the nationwide lottery for a chance to purchase this rare Virginia bourbon whiskey.

Whiskey Gift Idea Inspiration: 12 Days of Bourbon from Blue Run Spirits

Need Bourbon and Whiskey gift idea inspiration? We dive into the “12 Days of Christmas” with Blue Run Spirits with whiskey created by Jim Rutledge. A thoughtfully curated Bourbon collection along with the new limited edition Bourbon whiskey advent calendar. Bourbon expert Tom Fischer talks with Mike Montgomery about the colletction.

Win a Slice of Brooklyn and Bourbon: Jefferson’s Bourbon Whiskey Teams Up with Lucali’s Mark Iacono

Jefferson’s Bourbon and Mark Iacono for the Jefferson’s x Lucali: Slice of New York sweepstakes. New Yorkers have a chance to win exclusive reservations at Lucali in Brooklyn, Jefferson’s x Lucali swag, and experience the blend of premium bourbon and delicious pizza with Jefferson’s Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey

In Memoriam: Brad Brunson, Spirits Industry Icon at Amorim Cork, Passes Away at age 56

Remembering Brad Brunson of Amorim Cork America, who recently passed at 56. Thoughts in a tribute to his memory in the spirits industry and Bourbon business including a video of an interview with Bourbon expert Tom Fischer from the Craft Beverage Expo.

Old Forester Rarest Bourbon Ever Honors 150 Years Brown-Forman Decanter: We Were First To Taste it

Old Forester Bourbon Whiskey is releasing the rarest bottle it has ever produced, as we were the first to taste it a while back. Watch to see Bourbon expert Tom Fischer’s thoughts on this raare $2,500 release that honor the brand’s 150th anniversary filled with extraordinarily exquisite 12 ½ -year-old bourbon.

Tasting & Tap Room Expo & Conference and Craft Beverage Expo & Distribution Conference Together in Reno: May 7-8, 2024

Tasting & Tap Room Expo & Conference and Craft Beverage Expo & Distribution Conference will be happening together May 7-8, 2024 in Reno, Nevada in a co-location uniting industry leaders for a unique blend of education, networking, and innovation. Attendees can explore tour the exhibits and learn more in latest in craft beverage production, tasting room management, and industry trends. This joint event offers comprehensive learning, unparalleled networking, and an expo.