Old Forester Bourbon Whiskey is releasing the rarest bottle it has ever produced, as we were the first to taste it a while back. Watch to see Bourbon expert Tom Fischer’s thoughts on this raare $2,500 release that honor the brand’s 150th anniversary filled with extraordinarily exquisite 12 ½ -year-old bourbon.

Tasting & Tap Room Expo & Conference and Craft Beverage Expo & Distribution Conference Together in Reno: May 7-8, 2024

Tasting & Tap Room Expo & Conference and Craft Beverage Expo & Distribution Conference will be happening together May 7-8, 2024 in Reno, Nevada in a co-location uniting industry leaders for a unique blend of education, networking, and innovation. Attendees can explore tour the exhibits and learn more in latest in craft beverage production, tasting room management, and industry trends. This joint event offers comprehensive learning, unparalleled networking, and an expo.

Never Say Die Bourbon Makes USA Debut: “No bourbon rules broken…just flexed a little bit”

Never Say Die Bourbon makes its U.S. debut, originally available only in the UK. This ocean-aged Kentucky bourbon, matured in England, draws inspiration from the legendary racehorse featured in the Epsom Derby Race and has connections to The Beatles’ and Casbash Coffee Club. Founded by Pat Heist, Shane Baker, and Brian Luftman, the brand is known for its sweet mash bill. Additionally, Never Say Die offers a Rye Whiskey expression in the UK.

Reported Owensboro “Bourbon Theft Report” Solved: Rerouting Issue, No Criminal Charges

Glenmore Distillery Bourbon scandal solved! Owensboro, Kentucky was initially reported as a major heist, but the police investigation shows that it was a misrouting issue, not theft. Learn what questions we are asking about this surprising case, echoing the famed Pappy Van Winkle Heist, as we talk with the Owensboro Police Department and report this Bourbon news.

$70K Bourbon Heist at Glenmore Distillery in Owensboro, Kentucky: Will this become another “Pappygate?”

A major bourbon theft at Glenmore Distillery, Owensboro, KY reported in November 2023, with 21-24 pallets valued at $70,000 stolen, reminiscent of Buffalo Trace’s “Pappygate.” Our exclusive interview with Owensboro Police Department is featured in a podcast in this article. Sazerac is the parent company to the Glenmore Distillery and hasn’t commented, but here is what we know, that there was an attempted rerouting of Bourbon whiskey, but still other questions remain of who stole this Kentucky Bourbon whiskey

Rarest Blind Bourbon Tasting Ever? Pappy 23-Year-Old and More at Our San Diego Bay Wine & Food Festival 2023

Bourbon expert Tom Fischer hosting a rare Bourbon tasting the San Diego Bay Wine & Food Festival for the exclusive “Whose Your Pappy” tasting event featuring Pappy Van Winkle 23 and other rare Bourbons as you learn more about the rise of Bourbon and how to host your own Bourbon tasting at home.

Cohiba’s New Biometric Humidor with Limited Edition Cigars Included

Cohiba’s exclusive 2023 holiday offering: the Biometric Humidor, is limited to 130 produced. Secured with biometric technology and includes 107 Toro-sized cigars from Cohiba’s renowned collections, such as the original XV, Spectre (2018, 2019, 2021), Silencio, Edición Diamante, Royale, and the exclusive Red Dot Reserve. Orders are now open for this embodiment of artisanal mastery and style, shipping mid-November.