Southern Comfort Bold Black Cherry Review

The cherry flavor has made it’s way traveling through the veins of many whiskeys and bourbons where it didn’t always belong. More often that not flavored whiskeys don’t typically appeal to us at . We review them for what they are as they stand alone AND what they can bring to cocktails. Now, here enters… Read more »

The Glenrothes 1988 Review

× While there has been an expression of The Glenrothes 1988 previously released in markets outside of the U.S.A., our review on will be mark first American review of The Glenrothes 1988 as it is presented here. The 1988 is set to be available with the United States very soon. Tom Fisccher brings his taking notes… Read more »

Crown Royal XR LaSalle Review reviews Crown Royal’s second release in the brand’s Extra Rare Whisky Series. This Crown Royal XR blend includes select remaining whiskies from the renowned LaSalle Distillery in Quebec, Canada. Overall, this release tastes slightly closer to a smooth, young Kentucky Bourbon than it does to a Canadian Whiskey on the pendulum that swings between Canadian Whisky and Kentucky Bourbon… Read more »

Jefferson’s Ocean-Aged Bourbon Review is the first to review the rare Jefferson’s Ocean Aged Bourbon and we’re happy to report that it was an impressive experiment indeed! We broke the story earlier in the month telling you about the limited edition Jefferson’s Ocean Aged Bourbon. The new make was put right in the barrel and immediately went onto a 126-foot research… Read more »

Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum Review

Captain Morgan’s new Black Spiced Rum brings sexy marketing complete with mysterious new bottle,  label and commercial which we’ve included below. All that fun aside, what does it taste like once you “Step into the black?” brings you our review of the new Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum. This is a Caribbean Blackstrap rum with select… Read more »

Backbone Bourbon Review

Currently only available in Indiana, Backbone Bourbon is a barrel strength Indiana bourbon selected by our friends at Crossroad Vintners of Indianapolis  the sole distributor of this bourbon). is pleased to bring you this first bourbon review and a list of where Backbone Bourbon can be found in Indiana below. As the list of… Read more »

2012 Four Roses Limited Edition Single Barrel Bourbon Review

The release of Four Roses Limited Edition Small Batch and Four Roses Limited Edition Single Barrel are two times of year we especially look forward to at With these limited releases, Master Distiller Jim Rutledge never fails to bring new aspects each year showcasing the complexity of the 10 unique recipes. In this release,… Read more »

Wild Turkey 81 Rye Review

× brings you the first review of the new Wild Turkey 81 Rye in this video segment above with Tom Fischer and in the tasting notes below. This is a unique gem for rye lovers offering a contrast between spicy and light. Wild Turkey 81 Rye will be released in Spring 2012 available in… Read more »

Stetson Bourbon Review

When whiskeys and spirits are branded under names by fashion companies or celebrities, we have to question if there is flavor behind the marketing. John B. Stetson Bourbon is a new 4 year old Straight Kentucky Bourbon from the legendary American company famous for hats and western apparel. This bourbon lives up to Stetson’s reputation… Read more »