The Vieux Carré is yet another classic cocktail making a comeback. In the video below,’s Tom Fischer demonstrates how to make a Vieux Carré using (rī)1 Ultra-premium Rye Whiskey and Hennessy Cognac VS, recipe and info below too. × The Vieux Carré * 1 ounce (rī)1 Ultra-remium Rye Whiskey * 1 ounce Hennessy Cognac… Read more »

Official Cocktail of Black Friday with America’s First Bottled Bourbon – Old Forester

With Black Friday approaching, our friends at Old Forester, America’s First Bottled Bourbon, tell us they have created the “Official Cocktail of Black Friday.”  If you are going to be the FIRST shopper out the door in the morning hitting those Black Friday sales, then be FIRST person home in the afternoon who has their… Read more »

Basil Hayden’s Bourbon Margarita Shrimp Cocktail

The beauty of this dish is after you eat the shrimp, you truly can turn back the Margarita and finish it off as a drink. Basil Hayden’s Bourbon Margarita Shrimp Cocktail with coriander dusted grilled shrimp, avocado and jalapenos Serves 4 Ingredients: 16 Large Shrimp, peeled, de-veined, tail off 1 Red Bell Pepper, diced 2… Read more »

Baker’s Bourbon Maple Mint Julep

Baker’s Maple Mint Julep Recipe 2 oz. Baker’s Bourbon 1/2 oz. Maple Syrup 1/2 oz. Mint infused Simple Syrup Powder Sugar Crushed Ice 4 Mint Sprigs Dissolve sugar in water and bring to a boil. Add Mint Leaves and remove from heat. Refrigerate overnight. Pack a julep cup with crushed ice.  Muddle the two syrups… Read more »

Gore Vidal (In Repose) by Stephen Dennison

2 oz Woodford Reserve Bourbon Whiskey 1/2 oz Benedictine 1 tsp Black Peppercorns, whole Marascino Cherry, to garnish In a shaker, add Woodford, Benedictine and Peppercorns. Shake without ice for 30 seconds. Add ice and stir for 10 seconds after frost has formed on the outside of the tin. Strain well into a cocktail or… Read more »

Sleepless in Manhattan by Jason Asavadejkajorn

Sleepless in Manhattan Cocktail by Jason Asavadejkajorn 1.5 oz Woodford Reserve Bourbon 2 Dashes Reagan’s Orange Bitters Splash Tuaca Liquor Splash Vya Sweet Vermouth ¼ oz Fresh Australian Blood Orange Juice (2 slices) ¼ oz Grand Marnier ½ oz Prosecco Garnish with blood orange Infused Cointreau Pearls Directions: Muddle 2 Slices of fresh Australian blood… Read more »

Smoky Reserve Manhattan by John Mcginty

Smoky Reserve Manhattan by John Mcginty 8 pieces of hickory smoked bacon infused in Woodford Reserve for 5 days strained. Tuaca Brown sugar Nutmeg Cinnamon stick Sweet Vermouth Instructions: Rim the glass with Sweet Vermouth dip in 1/2 cup brown sugar and a dash nutmeg, 1 and 1/2 oz of bacon infused Woodford Reserve Bourbon,… Read more »

Marylin Monroe Manhattan by Josh Holmes

2.5 Parts Woodford Reserve 1 part Navan Vanilla Cognac by Grand Marnier .5 part Kina Lillet Blanc 2 Dashes Orange Bitters 1 Whole Vanilla Bean Instructions: Combine all ingredients minus vanilla bean. Stir in Ice and serve up. Cut vanilla into 2 parts and place into drink and enjoy! “Marylin Monroe is one of the… Read more »

French Manhattan by Eric Ecker

French Manhattan by Eric Ecker 2 oz. Woodford Reserve Bourbon 1 oz. Chambord Dash bitters Fresh raspberries Caviar Add the liquor and dash bitters and stir garnished with fresh skewered raspberries and finish with Chambord Caviar(chambord, raspberry puree, gelatin) activated to form small caviar like balls. “A new twist on a tradtiional drink. With the… Read more »

Durian Fruit Colada by Stephen Dennison

As far as Stephen Dennison can find with his extensive research, no one has dared to create a cocktail with Durian fruit in it. This is amazing. Durian Colada by Stephen Dennison Ingredients: 3 nodes of Durian fruit 1 can of coconut milk 1 can of pineapples with syrup Kilo Kai Rum Instructions:= Place all… Read more »